Is editing ruining my pleasure reading?

Sometimes I wonder if editing is ruining my ability to read for fun. There are some books I struggle to get through because I notice so many errors, or so many ways to just make it better. But then I read an awesome book (most recently, The Martian – SO GOOD) and realize – no, editing is NOT ruining my pleasure reading, I am just sometimes choosing books that aren’t particularly well done.

I have two thoughts/feelings about that.

  • One: sadness! I read one book recently in particular that had a great storyline and some really relatable characters. I was invested – but it suffered from a lack of adequate copy editing and proofreading. I just can’t read the rest of the books in the series now, nor can I recommend the book to others. Sad – because there’s so much potential.
  • Two: awe! The more I edit and beta read, the more I appreciate the effort that goes into writing a good book. The author needs to have ideas and a talent for storytelling, yes. But what sets the really good books apart, I think, probably comes down to the crazy amount of tedious effort it takes for authors and editors to work together and thoroughly edit — and then proofread — the text. ESPECIALLY for super long books.

Anyways, these are some of my random musings. I have a lot more, of course, but this is enough for today.

I’d love to hear what others think about this! Please, chime in via comments!


  1. leerichieauthor says:

    I’ve asked myself the same question as a writer, Kristin. I find it difficult to read anything without analyzing the writing and relating it to my own. I learn a lot by reading. It’s a great way to work on and improve your own writing, but it can take away the pleasure of a good book sometimes.

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  2. I feel the same way! As a writer, I feel like I judge books much more harshly than I used to. It’s just harder to enjoy them! All the more reason to seek out the really amazing books. (Like the Martian!)

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  3. I have noticed things similar to what you describe. I am a very new blogger, and enjoy writing, and my main issue is that I cant read for pleasure in the genre I am currently writing in. Is that normal? I want my ideas to be fresh, and my writing to be my own. It has spoiled it when I have found a book or series that I want to read, but it’s in the area I wish to write in. lol, I have created a list, to go back and read those books!

    On a more general note, I like your web site. Great job!


    1. Kristin says:

      Thanks for stopping by and the kind words! I generally try to stay away from determining whether something is “normal” – regardless of how it is for other people, that’s how it is for you! And that’s all you can work with 🙂 Good idea to keep a list! I have one for books I’d like to read but I know I have to be in a better frame of mind (no thrillers when I’m dealing with depression or anxiety, for example – they mess me up too much – but I can go back when I’m healthier).


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