Professional Editing With a Personal Touch

Welcome to The Edifying Word

I provide skilled editing services for writers of all kinds, from independent authors of fiction to bloggers, academics, and more.

Editing is my passion. I believe that words have the power to educate and transform lives, and I want to partner with you to help make your writing the best it can be. You have something to say, and I want to help you say it as effectively as possible – without breaking the bank. I believe professional editing should be accessible to all writers, and strive to connect with my clients on a personal level.

I love words – and I will love and care for yours as if they were my own, while maintaining your voice and strengthening your message. Let’s work together!

Services Offered


Proofreading is the last look at a manuscript to ensure it is free from typos, particularly in spelling, punctuation, and some formatting.

Line/Copy Editing

These can be provided together or separately. Line editing focuses on sentence structure, flow, and word choice, while copy editing looks at consistency of style and content, as well as correct grammar and punctuation. 

Beta Reading

I use “beta reading” loosely to describe feedback on a manuscript at any point in the writing process. You will get in-text comments as well as a one to two page report on overall observations. This can be done with or without a questionnaire from the author.

Query Critique and Submission Package Editing

Receive feedback and edits to your query letter, synopsis, and sample chapters to help you get an agent. These services are available as a package or as separate items. 



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