Top Editing Tips and No-nos

I was really pleased to be asked to participate in author Emma Lombard’s latest listicle post, 27 Book Editors Share Their Editing Top Tips and Naughty No-Nos. You’ll find me at entry #8, though I’ve also pasted my contribution in here. Check out the link to see what 26 other editors, some of whom I’ve had the privilege of interacting with and learning from, have to say on the subject. It’s a great variety of tips!

Top Tip:

Find an editor who you click with. This can take time and effort, but I usually advise prospective clients to get several sample edits and pay attention to the editor’s style and personality. You need to trust this person, and you need to know your editor respects you as the author and owner of the manuscript.


This is a little harder, but really, it’s thinking you can skip out on any of the steps. Even editors need editors! Don’t try to fit your editing into a preconceived timeline—get an editor, listen to the editor’s advice, and put in the time necessary to make your work the best it can be. Don’t rush to publish!

Big Steps

As many of you know, I just moved with my family across the country. There have been big changes for our family, and as a result I’ve been quiet as a blogger and as an editor. I had to turn down a few really great projects earlier this year because there just wasn’t time – I needed to focus on my family and our move. We’ve been here a little over two months now, and we’re busier than ever but we’re also making more time for me to return to editing and blogging. SO here are a few things I’m up to:

1 – Today is the first day I have a babysitter here with the little two while the big two are at school so I can get some dedicated work time during the day. It’s a big thing for me to have someone watch my kids, even if I am just upstairs…

2 – I joined the Editorial Freelancers Association! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and finally just did it. I now have access to their courses at a discounted rate, I’m listed in their freelancer database for potential clients to find me, and I have access to their job board. ALSO I now have access to many, many colleagues from whom I can learn a ton. I’m excited!

3 – I’m working with an indie author on his book, copy editing to help prepare for submission to agents. I have been doing smaller projects recently (and still am!) and I’m SO excited to be working on a book again.

I have a lot of ideas of where I want to go with this — too many to fit into the time I have, of course, so I have to talk myself down every once in a while before I get myself committed to more than I can reasonably accomplish. For now, though, I’m going to have two dedicated mornings a week to edit — and time to do things like figure out how on earth to fix that EFA Member badge you see there on the sidebar all the wrong size (except I’ll probably just call in my IT department, aka my husband!).

Thanks for reading and supporting me. And if you know anyone in need of an editor, send them my way!