Top Editing Tips and No-nos

I was really pleased to be asked to participate in author Emma Lombard’s latest listicle post, 27 Book Editors Share Their Editing Top Tips and Naughty No-Nos. You’ll find me at entry #8, though I’ve also pasted my contribution in here. Check out the link to see what 26 other editors, some of whom I’ve had the privilege of interacting with and learning from, have to say on the subject. It’s a great variety of tips!

Top Tip:

Find an editor who you click with. This can take time and effort, but I usually advise prospective clients to get several sample edits and pay attention to the editor’s style and personality. You need to trust this person, and you need to know your editor respects you as the author and owner of the manuscript.


This is a little harder, but really, it’s thinking you can skip out on any of the steps. Even editors need editors! Don’t try to fit your editing into a preconceived timeline—get an editor, listen to the editor’s advice, and put in the time necessary to make your work the best it can be. Don’t rush to publish!