Copy Editing 

The copy editing process will ensure your work is free from errors in spelling, grammar, continuity, flow, and punctuation. This when I look for things like whether your character has the same color eyes throughout the book, and includes basic fact-checking, such as confirmation of driving time between two real-life locations. When you hire me for a copy edit, you get:

  • Free sample edit of the first three to five pages.
  • Two passes through the manuscript. First, I read through and make notes on big-picture things and questions to ask the author; second, I read through in Microsoft Word and make in-text changes and comments using the track-changes feature.
  • A style sheet specific to your manuscript and style.
  • Follow-up conversations to discuss and clarify edits via email.
  • Optional inclusion of line editing for an additional fee.

Proofreading should be the final step before publication, and is focused on correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation. My proofreading services include:

  • Free sample edit of the first three to five pages.
  • Single pass through the manuscript with in-text changes made with Microsoft Word’s track-changes feature.
  • Follow-up conversations via email. 

My goal is to provide quality editing that is affordable for indie authors. For each potential client, I complete a three to five page sample edit that I use to develop a personalized quote. All payment is handled via PayPal invoicing, with a deposit required to begin work. Payment plans are available, and I am happy to accommodate client budgets!

  • Rates vary depending on the type of edit and genre of the manuscript. Rates vary widely, but begin as low as $0.005/word for proofreading and can range up to $.05/word for a complex copy edit.

Beta Reading

You will received detailed, in-text comments and a separate page of notes regarding structure, character development, plot and more. I am also always sure to point out what does work as well as any thoughts or emotional reactions I have to elements of the story. I particularly enjoy a back and forth follow-up conversation with the author! My rate is $1.50/1,000 words, usually with a two-week turnaround.

Email me at to start our conversation about your manuscript. I look forward to working with you!