Angela over at Books and Opinions posted an “Either-Or Book List” list yesterday and invited people to post their own answers in the comments. I thought it was such a fun idea that I’m copying over here (even though I can’t answer some of the questions, and I’m majorly resisting the urge to include commentary on every question). I’d love it if you chimed in, also!

1) Paper or Digital?


2) Romance or Sci-Fi?


3) History or Current Events?


4) Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes  —  Although I’m not sure I’ve read any true Sherlock Holmes books (I have vague recollections of maybe abridged versions as a kid?), I’m familiar with the character (isn’t everyone?).  I had to Google Hercule Poirot…apparently my memories of those Agatha Christie books I read in 4th grade just because my teacher was reading them are not so great.

5) Twilight or Hunger Games?

Twilight   —   Ok, I’m no longer resisting the urge — bring on my commentary! I’ve never read either but the whole premise of Hunger Games disturbs me.

6) Jane Eyre or Anna Karenina?

Anna Karenina  —  Again, never read either. This is getting disturbing – and I call myself a book blogger? Anyway – Anna Karenina is on my dresser just waiting to be read…

7) Harry Potter or Narnia?


8) History or Biography?


9) Stand Alone story or Series?

Stand Alone

10) Dante or Tolstoy?

Sigh. Haven’t read either. So sad. I do own both, though.

11) Sauron or Jadis the White Witch?

The White Witch — Though both could stand to be revisited!

12) The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew?

Nancy Drew   —   There’s a whole crate of them in my bedroom right now that I read as a kid…Is it ridiculous or just cute in an innocent way that I truly thought the “colored housekeeper” was rainbow-colored? PS – I did also read The Hardy Boys. I pretty much read anything I could get my hands on.



If Angela posts again next week, I’ll link up again! Thanks, Angela!