Indie Author Spotlight: Daley Downing – and a new release

Indie Author SpotlightWelcome to week three of Indie Author Spotlight by The Edifying Word! Today I’m talking to a new-to-me author of fantasy and speculative fiction, Daley Downing. I just purchased and started reading her new release and first-ever e-book, I is for Invisible, M is for Moth: Eight Stories of Magic and Adventure, and I’m enjoying it. Maybe I’ll even have finished it by the time this post goes live!


So, Daley Downing is the first author I’m featuring without having read one of her books in its entirety. I usually wouldn’t do such a thing – what if I read them and don’t like them? Eek! But I feel totally fine with it after chatting on Twitter (@invisiblemoth1) and checking out her blog, which is spectacularly well written! I enjoy her insights and normal-human-mom conversations, and I am intrigued to learn more about her experiences living with Autism. I hope you enjoy getting to know Daley as much as I have, and give her books a go!

So, you just released your first e-book last week! Do you have other published books, or upcoming projects?

I did; my other books are available only in hard copy at the moment. The newest book is a collection of short stories, and I have a fantasy/speculative fiction series. They’re currently available in paperback from Barnes and Noble, and I’m working on e-books and sales with other distributors. My next project is a standalone novel in my Order of the Twelve Tribes universe, called Fire And Wind.

I like to ask authors why they write and I feel like I get a lot of variation on the same theme: they have to. I suspect you’re not going to let me down.

I am not. I write because I think I would explode if I didn’t. I feel like I’e been writing since before the dawn of time. Seriously, even as a youngster, I was always interested in storytelling and creating my own spin.

We’ve talked a lot recently about this crisis homeschooling nonsense and I appreciate your support for going easy on ourselves! I know things are challenging in a completely different way now, but before COVID-19, how did you fit writing into parenting? 

I carve out time for writing. I have two special needs children, and my spouse works long hours, so most of the time it’s just me. I also was working two part-time jobs to help make ends meet.

Do you have a favorite genre to read, or favorite books we should check out?

My favorite to read is fantasy, but also sometimes historical fiction. High-ranking titles include Mort and Thud! by Terry Pratchett, Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman, and The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.

What do you want readers to know about you or your work?

My little fantasy series is important to me, so I write it just how I want to – I don’t go in for publishing trends or “bandwagon” topics. There are lots of heavy things going on in the world, and while I grasp and appreciate other authors tackling them, I prefer to inject some humor and lightheartedness into my work. Yes, I address serious stuff, too, but it’s not the only focus for me – art needs to be beautiful and caring and inspiring as well.

Please take a look at Daley Downing’s blog and look for her books at Barnes and Noble


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