Now Available: Love and Loyalty on the Loire, by Gwen Holbrook


My good friend, Gwen Holbrook, published her e-novella, Love and Loyalty on the Loire: A Tale of Medieval Hearts Divided by Battle Lines, yesterday on! You don’t have to have a Kindle to buy it–the kindle app will do, so check it out! To pique your interest:

When Elodie de Clery, a French peasant maiden, finds an injured English knight in the woods of the Loire Valley during the Siege of Orleans, she must decide whether to help a man or to leave a soldier. Her family and his military loyalties collide as her home village becomes ensnared in the Hundred Years War. Will the knight prove to be a faithful friend, a foreign foe or something more?

I had the great privilege of beta reading drafts of Gwen’s book, and to assist in editing. It was truly a joy and I’m so proud of what she has accomplished. More to come on what I love about the book! In the meantime, congratulations, Gwen!

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