Attention: Awesome Book-themed goodies!


Before I started blogging I was always amazed at how bloggers had these cool posts with giveaways and promocodes and the like, and I was like…. eh I’ll never get there but that would be SO COOL. Well, just this past week I was contacted by Melissa of Literary Book Gifts and asked if I’d be willing to share a review of her products or a promocode with my readers. You guys, I’m SO EXCITED.

I checked out Melissa’s website and, as I told her in our email exchange, these are the kinds of things I ogle and hope someone buys me but I can never justify purchasing for myself… especially right now, being super pregnant and couch-bound! What I decided to do in the meantime is highlight some of the products and designs–most exclusive to Literary Book Gifts and done by Melissa herself–that I find most appealing to give you an example of what her shop has to offer.

First, a “Bookend t-shirt” – I put a picture here of my favorite color but there is an impressive variety of colors available.

Next, because I love a nice comfy sweatshirt, this Moby Dick Hoodie is one of my favorite designs. I couldn’t wear it, though, because I’ve never actually finished the book (I tried – in seventh grade – and kids stole the book, wrote ” ‘s ” after “Moby” and passed it around the room laughing… sigh. The life of a book nerd in middle school.)

Finally, because I’m Mom and these are beautiful, this Peter Rabbit Tote Bag. It could replace the silly Frozen bag I (or my husband, more accurately at the moment) use for our library runs with the kids.

The shop includes women’s, men’s, and unisex t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies, as well as backpacks and totes. The designs are all based off classics — think Moby Dick, Jane Austen, Plato, Homer, Les Miserables — and would be SUCH fun to wear!

Melissa has generously offered 20% off for readers of The Edifying Word if you use the promocode THEEDIFYINGWORD20. The code is good for anything in the store, no minimum purchase, and can be used unlimited times. So, thank you, Melissa, and happy shopping to my readers!


  1. That The End T-shirt is really cute!

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  2. theoress says:

    That’s awesome, Kristin! Giveaways ARE super cool!

    Haha, I am like you and I feel like I can’t wear a book product unless I’ve read it–like your Moby Dick shirt. But I think you totally can–actually 😉 !!!

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    1. Kristin says:

      Ha we’ll see. Maybe I can use it as a reward system – read War and Peace, get to buy a shirt. Haha.


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