So many books (to review), so little time!

My apologies to all authors who have given me (free) books to read in exchange for a review and for whom I have not yet written one… oh, and there are unfortunately so many more than I wish there were! In response to this backlog I have stopped requesting and/or accepting so many for review. This makes me sad, but, I think, is more honest and respectful of the hard work authors put into their books. In any case, I’m going to attempt to clear the backlog a bit by posting some shorter-than-usual reviews over the next several days/weeks. To keep me on track, here’s a list (picture me hanging my head in shame):

That list is only the books I’ve already read. I also have quite a few I haven’t yet read:

  • Vulnerable – Patricia Loofbourrow
  • Denmark Veseys Garden – Ethan J. Kytle and Blain Roberts, via NetGalley
  • Marabel and the Book of Fate – Tracy Barrett, via NetGalley
  • The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row – Anthony Ray Hinton with Lara Love Hardin, via NetGalley
  • 100 Days of Mental Health – Paul Green
  • American Wolf – Nate Blakeslee, via NetGalley
  • The Art of Hiding – Amanda Prowse, via NetGalley
  • Bored and Brilliant – Manoush Zomorodi, via NetGalley
  • Holding – Graham Norton, via NetGalley
  • No Problem, Mr. Walt – Walt Hackman

SO, as I write the reviews I’ll pop back in here and link to the book and my review. AND, keep in mind, this list does not at all include books I’ve purchased or acquired by other means and hope to review someday…

Wish me luck!


  1. Redhead says:

    such is the life of a reviewer! I had to do the same thing – stop accepting requests all together. Some authors still get a little mad that I politely decline to read their book, but it gives me power over what I read – ARCs from publishers, books I buy myself (I am addicted to used bookstores!!), books from the library, books my friends lend me . . . and just with those I will never, ever run out of books to read.

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