…and then I read a pitiful amount in February

So January was a resounding success in the realm of reading, though admittedly not so much in the realm of writing. February was pretty much a failure in both areas. In contrast to January’s eight books, in February I finished one book. Just one, which I had started in January. Oh, and I read three issues of National Geographic after they all arrived on the same day (apparently this happens when you renew a subscription after it has already expired).

The book I finished is The Fever by Thomas Fenske (aka That Crazy Cookbook Guy). I really enjoyed this book – it was perfect bedtime reading for me. For most of the book, I looked forward to happily reading a chapter or two before bed every night and heading off to sleep. Closer to the end, though, I did stay up way too late reading… I’ll leave it at that for now and actually post a real review soon.

In the meantime, sorry for my absence and I’m sorry to all of you authors who are waiting for those promised reviews. They are coming!

What do you think?

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