Book Review: Written on the Apple Tree

“Psychological suspense” is a fitting description of Written On The Apple Tree: A Mystery Psychological Suspense (Tales of the Unexpected Series Book 4) by Ann Girdharry. The story drew me in, held my interest until the very end, and then ended almost suddenly. I was left confused, a bit melancholy, and feeling overwhelmingly sorry for the central characters, Kim and Oliver. For about a week I was convinced that I didn’t like the story at all. I don’t often read short stories, and I don’t like when stories end without being neatly tied up; I’m still not sure what the author intended to convey. Ultimately I decided the lack of clarity may be part of the story’s genius. It can be interpreted any number of ways: the story could be about reincarnation, or love and loss, or even mental illness. I still don’t really like that it’s unclear, but it is a good and engaging piece of writing regardless of my personal taste. As I read, I truly felt like I understood Kim despite the story’s brevity, and I could almost feel her evolving emotions. The story is at it is described: if you like psychological suspense, you will surely like Written on the Apple Tree.

Three stars.

Many thanks to author Ann Girdharry for providing a free copy of the story in exchange for an honest review.

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