I got a Kindle!

I got a Kindle for Christmas! I am entering the 21st century…a blog and a Kindle! Who knew I could be so modern?

Anyway, I just wanted to share my exciting news. I already read one book (The Perfect Storm – SO good) on my Kindle since Christmas. I was a lot more comfortable with it this time than I was with the last book I read, and I wonder if it’s just because it’s mine and not Adam’s and so I’m not worried about accidentally pressing something I’m not supposed to and messing up his stuff. I also enjoyed being able to turn up the light and read in the dark AND I have an awesome pink cover 🙂

This also means I’ll be able to accept novels in e-book format for review, which is really great. I had to turn down quite a few requests in the last couple of months, and some sounded so good that I was really disappointed. I will, of course, still accept hard copy books and I will continue to read hard copy books of my own – I got about 5 as Christmas gifts 🙂

PS – No Munchkin Monday tomorrow. I’m feeling uninspired.

PS again – I’m going to get rid of these really lame ads that are showing up at the bottom of my posts. Ew.

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