Just a quick thought about book reviews

I’ve learned in the short life of this blog that I have this weird procrastination thing going on about book reviews. Part of the reason I started this blog was to share my thoughts about the books I’m reading. I also said I’d post book reviews. Well, I realized that I was thinking about these as completely separate things, which is really counterproductive for me. I have found that if I think of a book review as a THING — “A Book Review”– that I push it off, thinking it needs to sound all formal and polished. However, if I think about “sharing my thoughts about what I’m reading,” it seems easy and fun.

So, I’m going to try to make an effort to combine the two in my mind a bit and maybe post a little more often and a little more thoughtfully about what I’m reading. The one exception to this, I think, will be for books I’ve received in exchange for writing a review; for those, I’ll go the slightly more formal route.

These are my thoughts for now, at least. So, should we chat about the traveling circus in the ’30s? commercial swordfish fishing? demons vying for our souls? So much to think about!

Ciao for now!

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  1. theoress says:

    Ha I soooo identify with this. I hate THINGS but I also like my thoughts to be polished. My solution is either to just do a quick review or do it in pieces. Day 1 all I will do is reflect mentally on the book and what it meant to me. Day 2 all I will do is find quotes. Day 3 all I will do is arrange the quotes. Day 4 writing it seems much easier. I also procrastinate with side projects such as short stories. Lol that way several essays finish around the same time


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