Munchkin Monday: Ranger Rick, Jr.

A very, very good friend gave my kids a gift subscription earlier this year to Ranger Rick, Jr. magazine. They–and I–LOVE it. So, thank you, G 🙂

Ranger Rick, Jr. is published by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). According to the NWF website, Ranger Rick, Jr. won the 2015 Parent’s Choice Award, and it’s easy to see why. The magazine is designed for ages 4-7, but even my 2 year old gets excited when it comes in the mail; she’s taken to walking around with the magazine, saying, “Me’s!” very protectively.

This month, I learned a lot about macaws:

Ranger Rick, Jr.

The magazine is full of animal facts, games, and stories.; “Bonnie and Chester” and “Ricky and Friends” are my four-year-old’s go-to pages every month–before we go back and read the whole thing cover-to-cover, of course. It also has a standard layout that repeats each month, which is great for this age group.

I’d also like to make a plug for the magazine’s website, which I don’t use nearly enough. The site has some of the magazine content, but also has tons of good “Family Fun,” as they call it. It has a handy search tool where you can search by age, activity type, and season, which is awesome. Last month we did this outdoor scavenger hunt (so fun! except the printer was broken so I had to hand write the list after showing the kids the pictures), and I do intend to pick out some more for us to do soon!

What do you think of Ranger Rick, Jr.? Do you get any nature magazines for your kids or have any to recommend (or NOT recommend)? Let’s share resources!


  1. theoress says:

    OOH We get National Geographic Little Kids edition. They especially love the animal collector cards. It’s so sweet!


    1. Kristin says:

      We got that for one year. I liked it a lot, I just lost track of renewing it. Also, I like the IDEA of the collector cards much more than I actually like the cards… now they just seem like more clutter.


      1. theoress says:

        That is definitely the case, lol


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